3rds Mobile Cigar Lounge

Different, original but new again, timeless product. These are just a few words to describe the idea behind 3rds Mobile Cigar Lounge. A hobby that has grown into a passion for friendship and social interaction. A business in a world where everything is convenient and a click away. Let 3rds Mobile Cigar Lounge introduce you to a new way of enjoying high quality tobaccos but also reintroduce the enjoyment of meeting and conversing with peers of all backgrounds. We are the new cigar lounge experience that is just a click away.

About the Owners

Renee Castro

New to cigars and wants to bring the cigar life to more women. She has a passion for people and customer service. Daily she commits herself to communicate the needs of customers in ways that are understandable and constructive. This will no doubt lead to a role in her ability to provide a high level of service and intuitive interaction when operating 3rds MCL. As Renee says, "It's a privilege to listen and spend time with new people listening to their stories and sharing knowledge all while enjoying the fellowship of a cigar".

Eric Castro

No stranger to cigars, Eric has been smoking them for about three years now. It all started when a good friend bought his first cigar on a weekend trip. At that time, Eric had no clue what he was doing, so that naturally made him want to learn more about cigars and the proper way to smoke them. Over the years, he has been able to gain more knowledge and experience in the cigar community, thanks to the help of others. Eric hopes to be able to share some of that experience with others through the 3rds Mobile Cigar Lounge.

Why Did We Start 3rds MCL?

We have all heard the saying "If you do something you love for a living then you will never work a day in your life". Well, Renee and I feel there is some truth to that. Since we both enjoy the outdoors and public events with family and friends it was easy to make the decision on joining the cigar community. Renee is new to cigars and hopes to learn more as well as grow and help others learn along the way. This is an exciting experience for both of us and we are starting this to bring great times and wonderful memories to the Brazos Valley. For you and for us!!!